Mr. Chester Tsang
Principal of College of Excellent Service
Head of Learning
MTR is joining hands throughout the Corporation to build a robust customer-centric culture. Implementing best practices in customer care supports a strong link between passenger loyalty, community goodwill and our transportation revenue.

We designed the CES to give you the skills and insight you’ll need to take MTR to the next level and our new training initiatives concentrate on helping you deliver service that exceeds expectations.
Experience sharing with outside service companies deepens our understanding and widens our perspective. So we are implementing a full rage of opportunities for dialog, visits and collaboration with firms up and down the service value chain. In addition to boosting our own performance, we can drive change at our partners to ensure our customers receive top-tier care at every interaction.

We’ve tailored our new training curriculum to deliver targeted skills that will help everyone take ownership of challenges and spread a greater sense of responsibility to every staff levels, which has the added benefit of developing more new leaders within the company.

And to empower MTR’s continuous improvement, we’ve introduced service-skill practice platforms. These put you in the driver’s seat and intensify your skill building. Preparing and rehearsing are key success drivers for athletes and musicians and the benefits are just as potent in customer service. You can exercise creativity in a risk-free setting and you’ll learn to make today’s best practices a part of you daily routine.

Develop your leadership, strengthen your competencies and reach for the future; we welcome you to join us at the CES today.