Serving Internal Customers with Empathy
To promote internal customer service and the spirit of collaboration, Learning and Development Department invited a seasoned speaker in the topic, Mr. Suen Lap Man, to conduct a lunch seminar on November 7, 2018. With the active participation of around 150 office based colleagues, the seminar was successfully held and ended up over 40 ideas received on “how to further promote internal customer service in the Corporation”.

In the seminar, Mr Suen shared that the concept of customer service starts from thinking outside of our own function that let us better perceive our working partners’ needs and show empathy to others.

“Going one step further for your colleagues does not only benefit others. With a mutually supportive environment, you would ultimately find that helping others demonstrates your professionalism too.” Mr Suen emphasised.

Following it, a skill-building workshop on “Serving Internal Customers with Empathy” was also held on December 10, 2018, which facilitated colleagues to learn some skills on communicating and working with others in a professional and empathic way.

Colleagues practised and gained a lot of through different group discussions and activities as well as scenario role play.