Exchange programme to enhance service excellence
To facilitate frontline staff’s mutual learning and benchmarking across different service industries, the College of Excellent Service (CES) organised a five-day exchange programme for frontline managers and supervisors from the Corporation’s Operating Department and Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) during April to June.

Six MTR frontline managers and supervisors were attached at CX’s check-in counter, boarding gate and lounge, while six frontline managers and supervisors from CX worked in different MTR stations and attached to the Customer Service Rapid Response Unit and Intercity Train and to gain more cross-disciplinary experience and skills to meet the ever-rising expectations of customers.

Participating managers and supervisors learnt and shared experiences through site walks, discussion and sharing with attachment buddies, and also attachment at different customer service touch points.

Participants shared their learning insights and proposed ideas for further enhancing service in MTR and CX in the post-programme sharing session on 20 June.
Video highlight of the exchange programme: